Hello all and welcome to the NEW website for Union, a World of Warcraft guild. We are located on the Uldum PVE server. We are semi-hardcore endgame raiding guild who raids 3 nights a week from 5pm-8pm PST on the nights of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

We are currently progressing through Tier 14 content in Mists of Pandaria and you can track/check our progress on the right hand column of our website. We are currently now in the Top 10 on Uldum and we are very proud of our raid team members for helping us get to this status.

I would like to take the time to thank you for visiting our website and please be reminded that this site is under construction at the moment and will be completed with the final product by week's end.

Roster, Guild Information, Recruitment Status/Applications, Forums, and Guild Raid Calendar will all be up by the end of the week and I will start updating the website with videos and boss kill screenshots next week.

Thanks for visiting Union and I hope to see more traffic and activity here as I update this site.

See you in the raids!!

Fatalflaw, Union Guild Webmaster